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a third-generation family business that combines tradition and progress as an essential factor for success. We see ourselves as one big family, in which the more than 300 employees represent the greatest capital. The resulting commitment leads to a high level of interdisciplinary expertise in almost all areas of construction. The collaborative solution of complex issues within the synergetic relationship of the individual parts of the company represents the greatest strength of the Servisa group of companies. These synergies are highly dynamic and flexible, but above all solution-oriented, which ultimately leads to maximum performance. We certainly transfer these trustworthy values to our current and future partners:


With this company principle we are active nationwide, but also abroad. We create, shape and preserve. We do this for the present as well as for the future. Which is why it is all the more important to us to maintain an ecological and economic structure. To stay true to ourselves and our values, we built a modern recycling plant near Berlin to make a further contribution to environmental improvement and resource conservation.


Just as the groundbreaking ceremony from tradition stands for an important and symbolic event in the creation of a building, the history of the SERVISA Group of Companies also began in the early 1990s.

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A brief review

Just as the groundbreaking ceremony is traditionally an important and symbolic event in the construction of a building, the history of the Servisa Group of Companies also began in the early 1990s. Although at the beginning it was still of a modest size and under a different company name, it was no less committed and motivated than it is today. In the first years, the field of activity of the small company, which was still managed by the first generation, was in the field of earthworks. However, it was soon joined by the demolition and dismantling sector. The logical and important side effect of this expansion is still one of the groups main focuses today: the disposal of the accumulated material. It is therefore hardly surprising, in keeping with the groups tradition, that a sustainable and fully comprehensive solution had to be found. Planned and implemented, a recycling yard was created not far from Berlin, where modern processing plants feed the recycled materials back into the material flow.

Where space has been created, something new is usually created. With this in mind, the group continued to expand in the course of natural growth in the general contractor segment, offered and still offers a full range of services for construction partners.

With the increasing expansion of the company and the associated size of the construction projects and the experience gained, the next step occurred: A construction logistics division was created in the group of companies, which as a management service provider logistically coordinates the organization in and around large construction sites. As an essential interface between all parties, this ensures the smooth running of important sections of a construction project.

The last new addition to the group is the area of safety management. There is no need for big words, but rather for action. Safety concerns play an extremely important role, especially in sensitive construction projects. It is therefore not surprising that the SERVISA group of companies was able to add another service to its range of services.

moves us

We are convinced that our continuous expansion and increasing success is not only based on our performance, but also on the values that we live every day and to which we adhere by tradition. Our ambition as a family business is the progressive development of our expertise and the related business areas, but also the expansion of our trusting relationships with our partners and the employees. In accordance with the experienced history and the open view of the constant development of the construction and real estate sector, we are looking forward to the still coming projects and the related expansions of the group. In particular, we look forward to a future full of tradition, progress and partnerships.