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We create solutions!

As a construction logistics company of the SERVISA Group, we take over the planning, management and control of construction logistics processes on the construction project for the client.

This is done by coordinating and controlling all material inflows and outflows in terms of scheduling, obtaining permits and special use plans, and constantly optimizing and monitoring the processes developed for this purpose.

In addition, we represent the central point of intersection between the logistical concerns of the construction site organization and the client or the general contractor and are the contact for all questions and requests.

With our long-standing employees and our professional expertise, we guarantee savings in time, material and transport costs on this basis.

Space management & logistics

The space available on an inner-city construction site is limited, which is why it is a crucial factor for an inner-city construction site. Based on our many years of experience, we know how to make optimum use of this space in conjunction with a logistics concept that has been worked out in detail. We develop logistics concepts for you - from floor logistics to anticipatory delivery traffic control. These important basic concepts are reliably implemented for you by our experienced team.

Construction site set-up & traffic planning

Setting up your construction site is one of the most important basic tasks in order to be able to fully guarantee the organization of the project. You can hand over the diverse and complex tasks of a construction site setup to our experienced construction logistics team with a clear conscience and with great time savings. We create and apply for comprehensive concepts for sanitary facilities, water, electricity and traffic planning. These individually designed solutions are put into practice immediately after their approval. Thus, nothing stands in the way of a smooth progress of your construction project.

Christoph Wichmann

Christoph Wichmann

CEO - SERVISA Log Services